Alloy Wheel Extended NetSuite’s Functionality and Improved Their Financial Management Processes Through KES NetSuite Extensions

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists provides in shop and mobile wheel repair, wheel remanufacturing, and custom coloring and sells new and remanufactured wheels.

Atlanta, GA

120 locations across the United States

Manufacturing, Retail

Introduction and Challenge

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists has a fleet of customer trailers that provide mobile cosmetic wheel repair (straightening and painting) on-site at dealerships, collision repair shops, and automobile groups. They also have 120 remanufacturing facilities that repair severely damaged wheels, and they sell new and remanufactured wheels at retail locations.

When the family-owned business was acquired in 2015, they were using QuickBooks. Once they started rapidly opening additional locations, they knew they needed a more robust system.

“As we opened additional locations, our users and data set were also expanding. QuickBooks couldn’t keep up and was crashing daily. Each of our locations needed its own QuickBooks file and consolidating all of those files for reporting was a major challenge. We outgrew QuickBooks as we grew, and we realized it wasn’t sustainable for our business anymore. That’s when we moved to NetSuite,” said Crystal Robinson, CFO with Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Extending NetSuite's Functionality

Alloy Wheel hired KES Systems Solutions (KES) to deploy NetSuite — helping them streamline operations and consolidate all locations into a single system. Once NetSuite was up and running and better handling Alloy Wheel’s increased accounting volumes from multi-subsidiaries, they wanted to extend their NetSuite functionality even further to increase financial management efficiencies. That’s where KES NetSuite Extensions came into play.

KES A/P Toolkit

“Since we have centralized accounts payable, we wanted to ensure we had controls in place and could verify the data that was being reported. And, with increased growth, our volume was getting too high for our team to contact vendors individually. With the KES A/P Toolkit, we were able to automate our process, saving our A/P team time to work on other projects. Now, we enter the bill into NetSuite and an automated email is sent to general managers for them to approve, deny or suggest changes — all within their email. It makes the whole A/P process much faster,” Crystal added.

KES A/R Toolkit

Alloy Wheel also streamlined their A/R function through automation by implementing the KES A/R Toolkit.

“The KES A/R Toolkit was a life saver! Before the toolkit, our A/R was an issue. It would just grow and grow. Our collectors were overwhelmed trying to keep up with past-due calls. With the KES A/R Toolkit, an email is automatically sent (to the recipients we choose) when an invoice is 60 days past due. Now our customers are calling us to pay their bill instead of us calling them,” Crystal said.

“From day one KES has been our partner in every sense of the word. They are very knowledgeable about NetSuite, and they always provide solutions to my problems. I love working with KES.”

Crystal Robinson, Alloy Wheel

KES Customer Portal and KES Vendor Portal

The KES Customer and Vendor Portals further enhanced Alloy Wheel’s A/P and A/R processes because vendors can receive payments and customers can make payments directly through the portal.

“I absolutely love the KES Customer Portal. We no longer have to wait for checks that can take 7-10 days to arrive in the mail and be processed. Customers can pay their bills instantly through the portal, which helps with their cash management too because the payments clear faster,” said Crystal.

“We also use the KES Vendor Portal in conjunction with the KES Customer Portal so franchisees can check the status of invoices sent to or received from corporate, as well as quickly update their bank information.” Crystal added.

KES EZ Assets

Alloy Wheel was looking for a simple solution to deal with their fixed assets because their prior software was cumbersome and inflexible.

“Once we converted to KES EZ Assets, our fixed asset maintenance effort significantly dropped. It’s much easier now to add and update assets,” Crystal said.