Waystar Used KES A/R Toolkit and KES Customer Portal to Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Waystar's market-leading technology simplifies and unifies healthcare payments.

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Waystar serves 500,000 providers, 1,000 health systems and hospitals, and 5,000 payers and health plans.


Introduction and Challenge

Waystar's cloud-based platform helps healthcare providers across all care settings streamline key administrative workflows, improve financial performance and bring more transparency to the patient financial experience.

As a growing SaaS technology and revenue cycle management company for medical providers, Waystar was in need of a more efficient way to manage their accounts receivables and mounting customer requests. With their client base rapidly growing, they knew they needed to look for a system that could handle clients' specialized needs and contracted rates, as well as scale with Waystar as their business continued to grow and evolve. While NetSuite was able to accommodate many of their business and accounting challenges, there was still a gap within A/R and customer support and Waystar knew they needed a more robust solution to automate processes and continue to provide the best service to their clients.

The KES Solution

Waystar was looking for a permanent solution, not a band-aid, to their accounting and business challenges. They wanted a product that worked inside of Netsuite, was flexible to address their unique invoice process and customer needs, and lightened the load of their current accounting team.

"We had been handling collections and customer support cases manually for 10 years. With our rapid growth, this no longer worked and things needed to change. We are fanatically focused on a great customer experience at every single touch point - and that's why we wanted to make an investment to improve/optimize this A/R process for our clients." said Jennifer Sciborski, Collections Manager with Waystar.

After deciding to partner with KES Systems Solutions (KES) to evaluate a solution for their collections and customer support needs, Waystar implemented a bundled solution - the KES A/R Toolkit and the KES Customer Portal, both designed to work directly within NetSuite.

KES A/R Toolkit

The KES A/R Toolkit has improved Waystar's previously manual processes, by customizing their billing and establishing dunning/collections to target clients that are past due on invoices. "Dunning is huge for us because it allows us to process more data and invoices faster and with increased accuracy - all without having to hire additional staff," Jennifer added.

"It's the best implementation I've ever had, with any vendor. It's been a true team effort, and we owe so much to KES for improving our efficiency and making us self sufficient."

Jennifer Sciborski

KES Customer Portal

In addition to increased efficiency with their AR processes, Waystar has also experienced significant improvements with regards to their customer communications and support with the KES Customer Portal. "As an accounting team, we have established KPIs set to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible service. As part of these KPIs, our goal is to provide our customers with the ability to self-service their account, and the KES Customer Portal is the ideal solution for this," Jennifer said.

According to Jennifer, everything that was previously managed manually is now automated through the KES Customer Portal. "When a client needs a copy of an invoice, the Customer Portal gives them everything they need to access their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," Jennifer added.

In addition to providing customers with the ability to self-service, the KES Customer Portal has also allowed Waystar the ability to streamline and manage customer support cases. "In the past, we were managing one email inbox for all customer requests and knew we needed more efficiency. The KES Customer Portal allows us to streamline the support process and also provide more visibility to management through improved reporting from data in the portal. This is a huge win for our team and also our clients," Jennifer said.


Jennifer added that both KES NetSuite Extenions have helped significantly with staff morale. "The volume of our requests were growing at a pace beyond what the department could handle. Having this technology and automation in place is helpful to everyone in the organization and keeps everyone sane and happy," said Jennifer.

"We've been very pleased with KES responsiveness. They always address our needs quickly and help us prioritize what is most important. They are great about listening to customer feedback and adding enhancements."

Jennifer Sciborski