ERP Customization vs Personalization

ERP Customizations vs Personalizations | NetSuite ERP

ERP “customizations” alter the system’s core code and can cause problems during upgrades. Choosing a true-cloud ERP that promotes “personalizations,” that will automatically carry over during system upgrades, will save you time and money in the future.

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2024 ERP Software Comparison

Compare ERP Solutions: NetSuite, Microsoft, SAP, Intacct, Delek, Epicor

ERP solutions can help tame the technology beast that often accompanies growth, but finding a solution that suits a company’s specific needs is no small endeavor. To help you with your ERP search, we compared six leading vendors: NetSuite, Microsoft, SAP, Sage Intacct, Deltek and Epicor.

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How to Avoid Margin Leakage

How to Avoid Margin Leakage | NetSuite Cloud ERP

There are lots of ways that profit margins can leak away throughout the entire sales and fulfillment cycle. The trick is to identify and seal those leaks while finding ways to serve customers better.

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Netsuite vs. Microsoft – A Consultant’s Comparison

NetSuite vs. Microsoft: A Comparison of ERP Systems

Having implemented and supported Microsoft solutions for half of my career and NetSuite for the other half, I thought I’d sit down and pull together a comparison of the two platforms to serve as a guide for businesses looking to implement a new ERP solution in their business.

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Create Consolidated Invoices

Consolidated Invoicing Feature in the KES A/R Toolkit for NetSuite

NetSuite users: Watch our quick demo of the KES A/R Toolkit for NetSuite to see how our consolidated invoicing feature groups multiple invoices together and creates one consolidated invoice to send to your customer.

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What’s New With NetSuite 2024.1

NetSuite 2024.1 Release Update

As the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software for growing and changing businesses, NetSuite is constantly enhancing their product, issuing semi-annual releases with important updates and new features. See what’s new with NetSuite and KES Extensions.

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NetSuite Institutes New 2FA Requirements

NetSuite requires authenticator app for 2FA

Effective March 1, 2024, NetSuite will no longer accept SMS/text and voice call as methods for two factor authentication (2FA). So, if your NetSuite role is setup to require 2FA at login, you must use an authenticator application to confirm your identity.

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ERP Automation Benefits and Trends

ERP Automation Benefits & Trends | NetSuite

An ERP system automates business processes and provides insights, drawing on a central database that collects inputs from traditionally siloed departments such as accounting, manufacturing, sales and human resources. The benefits are nothing to sneeze at, including reduced manual labor, improved productivity, lower costs and more accurate reporting.

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The CFO Agenda: 24 Ideas for 2024

Keep up with CFO Trends for 2024

CFOs have a lot on their plate. That makes it even more challenging to keep up with ever-changing regulations, technologies, and trends that are reshaping the finance world. Whether it’s planning for impending regulations, deriving value from AI or automating finance processes, having the right tools in place can help your finance teams prepare for whatever comes your way.

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NetSuite Security Review: Roles and Permissions

NetSuite ERP Security Settings Roles and Permissions

Two security areas that organizations can easily overlook are roles and permissions. Developing a process around creating, standardizing, maintaining, and reviewing roles and permissions can mitigate your security risks and keep your NetSuite environment safe.

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Maintaining Momentum in 2024

NetSuite ERP Maintaining Momentum in 2024

As we wind down 2023 and talk to our clients about business concerns, we’re seeing a common focus around the need for increased efficiency and insights into cash. You can start the new year off right by implementing solutions within NetSuite to address these focus areas in your business for 2024.

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The Ultimate Guide to Scenario Planning

NetSuite ERP Scenario Financial Planning

By building organizational awareness of what could happen, leaders may spot warning signs of brewing challenges so they can respond proactively. When a worst-case event arises, scenario planning documents add tremendous value by playing out multiple outcomes and listing immediate steps to contain damage.

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New Products and AI Bring More ‘Suiteness’ for NetSuite Customers

New NetSuite ERP products and AI

Today’s wave of AI innovation makes NetSuite’s “Suiteness” even more relevant and powerful. NetSuite understands what data actually represents for your business in the relationships across your business. So with that data, and insight about your whole business, NetSuite can leverage AI in more powerful ways than point solutions can.

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Maximize Your NetSuite Investment Through Optimization

Maximize Your NetSuite Investment Through Optimization

NetSuite is a robust, leading ERP system; however, like many powerful platforms, it can be overwhelming to determine how best to use the software in your organization to take advantage of its features. Learn how to optimize NetSuite and streamline your internal processes, so you can maximize your investment.

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My Goal is to Make our Clients’ Lives Easier

Anthony Cerone Senior NetSuite Consultant

Meet Anthony Cerone – In my role as a NetSuite Consultant, my main objective is to ensure that our clients have a top-notch experience with KES and their NetSuite environment. My goal is to help clients spend their time thinking and analyzing data in NetSuite to solve problems rather than mechanically clicking buttons to do tasks.

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