Automate Consolidated Invoicing with the KES A/R Toolkit for NetSuite

Are you wasting valuable time manually creating consolidated invoices outside of NetSuite?

If you have customers who request to receive periodic invoices, but you generate invoices more often, the KES A/R Toolkit for NetSuite can help. With our consolidated invoicing feature, you will enroll customers, create invoices as normal, and at month end run the consolidated invoicing process to group those invoices together. The A/R Toolkit will automatically create one consolidated invoice PDF with its own invoice number and due date to send to the customer. Rest assured; your team will still be able to see all invoices.

Consolidated invoices are also honored by the rest of the A/R Toolkit, including dunning/collections, multi-invoice send, and invoice email automation. All these features recognize if the invoice is part of a consolidated invoice. So, when you set a due date on the consolidate invoice, the individual invoices will not trigger past due invoices. And, only the consolidated invoice will be available to send to the customer via the toolkit’s email feature. If you also use the KES Customer Portal, your customer will only be able to view their consolidated invoices, not the individual ones.

Watch the quick demo above to see first-hand how this feature works.

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