Focus on NetSuite and KES NetSuite Add-Ons

KES Narrows Focus to NetSuite Product Line

In-House developers expand KES NetSuite Extensions to enhance software capabilities 

KES Systems Solutions (KES), a premier provider of enterprise cloud business solutions, is now focusing exclusively on its proven NetSuite practice and related KES NetSuite Extensions.

On March 13, 2020, KES sold its Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) division. The sale means that KES is now exclusively a NetSuite provider — an expansive and flexible ERP solution the company has offered since 2014. With over 21 years of experience in the technology and business management sectors, the KES team is among the most experienced NetSuite providers in the country and has achieved the platform’s highest service and expertise levels.

“NetSuite is the future, and over time has become the most robust and trusted ERP in the marketplace,” said Glenn Hofmann, managing director of KES. “Our goal is to provide our customers with unequaled capabilities and experience in NetSuite and our tailored KES NetSuite Extensions. With this focus on a single product, we provide the most comprehensive implementation methodologies and best-in-class customer support. Our team is in the U.S., so it’s not an overseas call when support is needed, which is a huge differentiator in the industry.”

The KES team of in-house developers have already developed customized NetSuite Extensions such as KES BillFinity™, KES A/P Toolkit, and KES A/R Toolkit, as well as recent additions that include KES EZ Assets and KES Customer Portal. These apps deliver affordable and configurable recurring billing solutions, streamline NetSuite’s A/P and A/R functions by automating numerous areas in accounting transactions, guide organizations’ transitions from spreadsheet to automation, and allow businesses to provide additional support to customers, respectively.

“Our team is focused on not only adapting to the latest technologies and trends by creating new KES NetSuite Extensions, but we are constantly making improvements to our existing apps, including our latest upgrades,” Hofmann said. “Our NetSuite products provide robust solutions in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, software, professional services, hospitality and wholesale — really any business can benefit from the Netsuite platform.”

KES offers its clients extensive Customer Care Plans, with highly qualified, US-based development teams to provide support. In 2019, KES received Oracle NetSuite’s exclusive 5-Star Partner Award, which acknowledges members of the NetSuite Solution Provider Program that continue to deepen their commitment to NetSuite customers. KES was also recognized for its long-term dedication to client service and success in sales, service and support of the NetSuite platform.

With this Netsuite team in place and a history of delivering tailored solutions for clients not only locally but nationally, Hofmann emphasized the value of cloud-based products for working from home.

“Having business continuity and flexibility is crucial for companies of all sizes,” she said. “The ability to work remotely and use cloud-based products is something we encourage every business to prioritize, and the KES team is on hand to make that transition as simple and efficient as possible.”

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