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Brian Delaney
Senior NetSuite Consultant

KES Systems Solutions
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Brian Delaney

Brian Delaney is a senior NetSuite consultant for KES Systems Solutions (KES). Brian has focused exclusively on NetSuite for the past 11 years and has led or played a key role on 40+ NetSuite implementations and service projects.

His career driver is connecting and building relationships with customers and business partners to help problem solve and present software solutions in a tangible and value added manner. He enjoys solving highly customer-focused problems and has experience in selling, consulting, implementing, training, and overall management of business software packages for a diverse range of customers.

Brian has also spent time at SPS Commerce as both an internal employee and via partnerships working with NetSuite based retailer and vendors. His experience includes a variety of projects from the setup of integrated EDI connections to designing and deploying custom NetSuite enhancements tailored for supply-chain management requirements.

In his free time, Brian enjoys riding his bike, hiking with his dog and watching sports on TV.


Brian graduated from The University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in economics.