Glenn Hofmann | NetSuite Consultant
Glenn Hofmann
Managing Director

KES Systems Solutions
Atlanta, Georgia

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Glenn Hofmann

Glenn is the managing director at KES Systems Solutions (KES). For the last 30 years, he has specialized in deploying and supporting IT and ERP systems across multiple companies and industries. Since 2009, Glenn has focused exclusively on NetSuite as a consultant, project manager, practice leader, and now managing director.

Glenn joined KES in 2017 to lead the NetSuite practice. In this role, he helped KES evolve from a pure consulting firm into a both a full-service consulting and product solution firm. With KES now 100% focused on NetSuite, Glenn oversees operations and client experience to ensure we are providing the highest level of NetSuite support and services.

Glenn’s background in software development, project management, and ERP systems support gives him a unique combination of technical, operational, and financial knowledge to help solve complex business challenges. Although Glenn has worked across multiple industries, his primary business vertical strength is software and services, where he brings deep insight to the various SaaS solutions from NetSuite and KES. There is nothing more satisfying to Glenn than the positive feedback KES consistently receives from clients about our strong problem solving skills and excellent customer service.

As KES continues to grow and evolve, Glenn looks forward to KES delivering even more services and value to clients that go beyond “getting them live on NetSuite.” He values building long-term client relationships, so he's dedicated to ensuring KES constantly lives by its motto “Solutions For Today. Partners For Life.”