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As a trusted advisor to your clients, you have a unique opportunity to help them unlock the transformative power of NetSuite. At KES, we're dedicated to empowering professional services firms like yours to seamlessly guide your customers through the transition to this industry-leading cloud ERP.

With nearly 30 years of experience, KES is a leading NetSuite provider with a proven track record across industries like healthcare, life sciences, health & beauty, and warehouse distribution. Our certified US-based team, including CPAs, has completed hundreds of NetSuite deployments, making us a trusted authority. We've never had a failed implementation.

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Our comprehensive Affiliate Program provides the support, resources, and incentives you need to drive NetSuite adoption among your client base. By partnering with KES, you'll be able to:

Unlock Lucrative Revenue Streams

As a KES affiliate, you'll be rewarded for every new NetSuite customer you successfully refer to us. Our tiered commission structure rewards your loyalty and growth, with increasing payouts as you reach new milestones.

Additionally, we offer attractive discounts on our implementation and support services for your clients, creating even more value for your customers.

Leverage Our NetSuite Expertise

Our team of certified NetSuite experts will work closely with you to identify potential customers and provide free consultations.

We believe in the power of mutually beneficial partnerships, so, you can count on us to champion your services when it aligns with our customer's needs.

We'll equip you with a suite of content, webinars, and promotional materials to effectively market NetSuite to your customers.

Partner with an Industry Leader

KES is a longstanding trusted NetSuite provider, with a proven track record of successful implementations across various industries.

Unlike large generalist consulting firms, we provide bespoke boutique-level support, and are specialized in serving the unique needs of healthcare, life sciences, health & beauty, and warehouse distribution companies, giving you and your clients a competitive edge.

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Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about how KES can help your clients take their systems to the next level with NetSuite. We look forward to partnering with you and unlocking new opportunities for your business.