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The KES A/P Toolkit for NetSuite is designed to increase efficiency and eliminate manual tasks by automating numerous functions for both your accounts payable (A/P) team and those who work in conjunction with them. Built by KES Systems Solutions (KES) as a NetSuite extension, there is no separate integration needed, and we leverage standard NetSuite functions and data as much as possible. Simply work with our team to quickly deploy the toolkit in your NetSuite environment and enjoy immediate improvements for your A/P team.

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KES A/P Toolkit Key Features


Our toolkit allows you to record and pay bills in one entity but easily specify (directly on the bill) which entity should have the expense pushed to them. Our toolkit automatically handles all of the interco due to/from automatically for you based on your configuration options. This feature is ideal for organizations with centralized A/P payment processing.


Although the name still references “segments”, this feature works on any fields on your bill/PO. Simply map header fields that you want to “replicate” to line fields, and our toolkit will automatically populate the fields for each new line added. If you made a mistake, simply update the header field and select “Rolldown” to update all of the line fields automatically.


Our toolkit allows for PO and/or bill approval outside of NetSuite via email. Rather than logging into NetSuite to approve, an email is sent with attachments and embedded “Approve” and “Reject” buttons. The toolkit still uses NetSuite workflow, so you can define any workflow process needed; the entire approval history is logged; and you can delegate approvals  to others if team members are out of the office.


Our toolkit brings tighter controls around new vendor creation by allowing new vendor requests (either from NetSuite directly or through a web page) to go into a vendor request table for review and approval. An actual vendor does not get created until the vendor request is approved, ensuring that no transactions happen before authorization.


With this feature, you can assign a customer invoice to a vendor bill, and our toolkit will automatically place the bill on hold until the customer invoice is paid, at which point the toolkit will automatically take the bill off of hold. This is great for service companies that use subcontractors for customer work but don’t want to pay the subcontractor until the customer pays for the work done.


Rather than dealing with the heavy month-end allocation process in NetSuite, our EZ-Allocate feature allows you to pre-define allocation rules and easily apply them when entering a vendor bill. Now you can quickly and easily allocate vendor bills across subsidiaries, accounts, departments, etc. with the click of your mouse.


While NetSuite includes email notifications for electronic payments, it does not for manual bill payments. This feature allows you to easily setup automated email notifications when bills are paid. Now your vendors can be easily notified that a check or other manual payment has been processed and should be on the way.

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This feature has two parts. First, you can map fields on the vendor to automatically populate on related vendor transactions as those transactions are created, thus eliminating the need for workflows or scripting. Second, you can set mapping and do a quick mass update so that fields that have been updated on the vendor can be updated on related vendor transactions.


With our premium version, we include the KES Vendor Portal. This gives your vendors access to view specified transaction types and/or update information such as address, email/phone, tax ID, etc.

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“Since we have centralized accounts payable, we wanted to ensure we had controls in place and could verify the data that was being reported. And, with increased growth, our volume was getting too high for our team to contact vendors individually. With the KES A/P Toolkit, we were able to automate our process, saving our A/P team time to work on other projects. Now, we enter the bill into NetSuite and an automated email is sent to general managers for them to approve, deny or suggest changes — all within their email. It makes the whole A/P process much faster.”

Crystal Robinson, CFO
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