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Empower Your Customers

The KES Customer Portal for NetSuite is a powerful all-in-one platform that empowers your customers to self-service their account by providing a secure way for them to manage invoices, credit card or bank/ACH payments, support cases, and more. Built by KES Systems Solutions (KES) as a NetSuite extension, there is no separate integration needed, and we leverage standard NetSuite functions and data as much as possible. Simply work with our team to quickly deploy the portal in your NetSuite environment and free up your A/R staff to focus on priorities.

KES NetSuite SuiteApp Extensions

KES Customer Portal Key Features


Whether your customers need to view, print, or pay their invoices, our portal offers them everything they need to conveniently manage the process.

    • View, print, and pay invoices using the PDF format you have defined in NetSuite
    • Pay single or multiple invoices.
    • Select amount to pay on each invoice to handle disputes or to split between multiple payment methods.
    • Sort/filter to view historical invoices and payment history.
    • View and use credit memos when paying invoices (can disable if not needed).
    • Charge convenience fees for customers who pay via credit card.
    • Set different convenience fee rates by card type.


Our 2FA login feature allows you to enable enhanced security measures when your customers access the customer portal.


Our portal provides your customers with complete control over managing their payment options.

  • Leverage full data/PCI/encryption built into NetSuite and your payment processor (no data stored in portal).
  • Add or remove bank account or credit card information.

KES recommends MerchantE as your payment processor for full integration.


Throughout our portal, virtually all lists are controlled via NetSuite saved searches, making it easy to filter data and customize the data elements/fields shown without technical customization. With our premium version, you can also have custom tabs/pages added, such as projects, shipments, royalties, custom records, etc.


Our portal allows your customers to view and update their account information, such as billing/shipping addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.


With our premium version, your customers can give/remove access to others in their organization, including view only access.


If you are using NetSuite case management, you can extend this to your customers through our portal, allowing them to submit support cases or view/update existing cases. It provides a convenient place for customers to view/manage all of their support cases.


With our premium version, customers can place sales orders, either by copying an existing order or creating a new one. And, you can create customer specific item lists and pricing. While this is not a full eCommerce solution, it's a great option for your B2B customers who place similar ongoing orders.

KES Customer Portal vs. NetSuite MyAccount

If you're considering solutions to provide your customers with 24/7 account access,
check out our KES Customer Portal vs. NetSuite MyAccount comparison guide.

KES Customer Portal Editions


  • View, Print & Pay Invoices
  • Payment Method Management
  • Credit Card Convenience Fees Management
  • View/Apply Credit Memos
  • Case/Ticket Management
  • Profile Management
  • Secure Login with 2FA Available


  • View, Print & Pay Invoices
  • Payment Method Management
  • Credit Card Convenience Fees Management
  • View/Apply Credit Memos
  • Case/Ticket Management
  • Profile Management
  • Secure Login with 2FA Available
  • Sales Order Management
  • User Management
  • Custom Tab/Page (2 max)
  • RSS Feed (1 max)
  • Customer Specific Item Lists & Pricing

Ready to learn more? Watch our video demo of the KES Customer Portal in action.

Learn more about KES NetSuite Extensions by viewing our educational materials.

“As an accounting team, we have established KPIs set to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible service. As part of these KPIs, our goal is to provide our customers with the ability to self-service their account, and the KES Customer Portal is the ideal solution for this. When a client needs a copy of an invoice, the Customer Portal gives them everything they need to access their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Jennifer Sciborski,