Vendor Portal


Empower Your Vendors

The KES Vendor Portal for NetSuite is a powerful all-in-one platform that empowers your vendors to self-service their account by providing a secure way for them to view and print transactions as well as manage W-9s, contacts and bank information. Built by KES Systems Solutions (KES) as a NetSuite extension, there is no separate integration needed, and we leverage standard NetSuite functions and data as much as possible. Simply work with our team to quickly deploy the portal in your NetSuite environment and free up your staff to focus on priorities.

KES NetSuite SuiteApp Extensions

KES Vendor Portal Key Features


Whether your vendors need to view or print transactions, the KES Vendor Portal offers them everything they need to conveniently manage the process. Our portal includes options to display PO’s, vendor bills, payments, credits, and/or return authorizations. Each list can be customized easily to show fields specific for your organization.


Our portal allows your vendors to view and update their account information, such as billing/shipping addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Vendors can also sign up for ACH bank payments and manage bank account numbers. You can provide “basic” or “admin” access (only admin can make updates) to the portal.


With the KES Vendor Portal, your vendors can upload files, such as W-9s or payment instructions. You can send files to your vendor via the portal as well.

KES Vendor Portal Editions


  • View & Print Transactions
  • W-9 Management
  • Bank Information Management
  • Contact Management


  • View & Print Transactions
  • W-9 Management
  • Bank Information Management
  • Contact Management
  • Customizable

Ready to learn more? Watch our video demo of the KES Vendor Portal in action.

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“We use the KES Vendor Portal in conjunction with the KES Customer Portal so franchisees can check the status of invoices sent to or received from corporate, as well as quickly update their bank information."

Crystal Robinson, CFO
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists