Earn Thousands of Dollars as a NetSuite Referral Partner with KES

Help businesses grow and earn rewards. Partner with KES to introduce your network to NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP solution. With over a decade of successful implementations, KES makes it easy for you to earn while you connect businesses with the tools they need to thrive.

NetSuite Referral Program

1. Identify Potential Leads

If you know someone who could benefit from NetSuite and KES, let us know! Fill out a quick form to introduce them to our world-class ERP solution.

2. We Handle the Rest

Sit back while we take care of the heavy lifting. We’ll reach out to your friend, guide them through a discovery process, and determine how we can best assist them.

3. Reward Time

Qualified Lead? You’re in for a treat:

  • Receive a $300 gift card
  • OR donate $400 to the charity of your choice
  • OR enjoy a $400 discount on our services

They Become KES Customers? Even better:

  • Earn 8% of their first-year Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

    4. Champion your Circle

    Not only will your friends be partnering with the top ERP in the market, but they will also receive a 5% discount on all first-year services with KES—all thanks to you!

    Introduce your Contact to KES and Start Earning Rewards!

    We'll get back to you within 48 hours.


    What is a qualified lead?

    A lead that, after going through a discovery call with a KES professional is qualified as such, based on their need and desire to subscribe to NetSuite

    What makes the lead a KES Customer under the program?

    A referred company that buys any product or service from KES within 90 days of being qualified

    What's included in ARR?

    Any revenue KES receives from the customer's subscription to NetSuite, plus any revenue KES receives from selling their SuiteApps and Extensions

    What services will my friend get the discount on?

    Any services provided by KES, including implementation and support