Moving to a New ERP Doesn't Have to be Scary

Are you considering a new ERP but haven’t made the move because you’re afraid the project will be expensive, the system will be complicated, or the implementation will be overwhelming? Don’t get spooked! With NetSuite and the KES Systems Solutions (KES) true-partner approach, we can make moving to a new ERP a treat!

Is your current system a monster?

Learn how to spot red flags in your current system that might be holding you back or putting your company at risk.

  • Is your system's functionality limited, causing you to turn to Excel or other manual systems?
  • Does your system have limited scalability, causing frustration or delays during busy times, acquisitions, or when expanding offerings?
  • Is your system's flexibility limited, meaning it cannot handle your company's nuances, so you must use "work arounds"?
  • Does your system have limited support, resulting in version lock or even a broken system with nowhere to turn?

Learn how you can benefit from NetSuite’s many treats!

NetSuite can provide you with:

  • Cloud-based functionality allowing your staff to work from any location at any time
  • 360 degree visibility across your entire business
  • Single Suite features allowing you to buy what you need now and build your subscription as you grow
  • Easy personalization ensuring alignment with your company needs without version lock

Let us guide you through the ERP implementation haunted maze!

Choosing and implementing a new ERP system can be overwhelming. Learn how partnering with KES can make your project run smoothly.

  • We are 100% NetSuite focused, so we have NetSuite expertise across our entire team.
  • We have a proven deployment methodology to mitigate migration risk and help ensure a successful deployment on an agreed upon timeline.
  • We offer ongoing Customer Care Plans with an assigned support consultant.
  • We provide additional functionality with our KES NetSuite Extensions to round out your NetSuite solution.

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Solutions for Today. Partners for Life.

As full-service NetSuite consultants, KES Systems Solutions (KES) helps companies implement and optimize NetSuite. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients and we’re looking for clients that want the same. Our experienced NetSuite consulting team has an extensive background in accounting, technology, and business management and has completed over 450 system implementations since 1996.

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